The promotional cards on this page are meant to illustrate the theme of community life and L’Arche values. They were specially designed for communities to use to support their actions around awareness and representation. They allow you to share life in communities in a gentle way, and to give people a better understanding of how unique and innovative L’Arche is in its relationships between core members and those supporting them. Some of the cards are more openly promotional while others are more a subtle wink of the eye.

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About the Cards

Several series or themes honouring core members in L’Arche will be proposed. You can choose those that best represent you and that would best serve your purposes. Each week, we will add a new card to the page. You can also subscribe to these cards and receive them by email.

Each card is available in both languages and in two formats: a banner format to accompany web mailings or to put up on your web site and a second poster format 11x 17 that can be printed and used as a visual support in a kiosk or for a mural.

Once again we have chosen to produce this promotional tool using realistic illustrations, directly inspired by photos sent in by communities. We wish to respect the people represented, both core members and their accompaniers, by highlighting what they bring while avoiding that their personal photo be directly used for promotional purposes.

Transforming the original photograph into an illustration allows us to share the reality of life in L’Arche while de-personalizing the context enough for the message to take on a universal dimension. To learn more about the transformation process, click here …


Two ways for your community to participate in creating cards!

1. Communities are invited to propose photos of life in L’Arche (daily life, gatherings, interactions, occupations, work, and outings) to can be used in illustrations and which serve the promotional goals of L’Arche.
2. We are also looking for messages and quotes about L’Arche, as well as assistant’s stories or words from core members that could enrich the illustrations.

Write to us at or call the L’Arche Canada office at (514) 844-1661