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Core Values Newsletter - March-April 2018

Monday March 12, 2018

Trust in God
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What do we mean when we say that ‘Trust in God' is one of our Core Values? Is trust on its own enough, or do we need to act upon this value in order for it to have meaning? In this issue of the Core Values Newsletter, our contributors have explored how and why ‘Trust in God' is a Core Value for L'Arche. One way that we act upon the Core Value of ‘Trust in God' is by sharing prayer together. Our prayer traditions help us to connect our deeper mission to the daily lives that we live together. Praying together needs trust, trust in God, but also trust in each other. It is a time when we share our deepest selves with each other, coming together in a circle of faithfulness and love. We have asked some communities to share their prayer traditions from their homes, day programs, and community gatherings with us. It is clear from their stories that praying together helps them to feel connected to one another, to build bonds of trust with each other, and to maintain the foundation of their communities. We invite you to think about the ways that prayer helps to shape your experience of community.

We wish to thank all of the contributors who have written articles, and shared stories and photos with us. A special thanks goes to the members of Tamarack, the L'Arche Calgary day program, for completing and photographing this month's activities. We hope that you will be inspired to share these activities in your own teams and invite you to send us photos when you do.

If you have any comments or would like to provide input or photos for future newsletters, please contact Elizabeth Nash at

Our upcoming newsletters will be: May-June “Open to Mutual Relationship”.

The upcoming 2018/2019 calendar of newsletters will be published in May.

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