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Recruitment of an Assistant for our International Coordinator of Formation

Thursday November 7, 2013
The International Formation/training team is responsible for the development and implementation of training programs throughout the Federation, especially in countries where the lack of resources calls for more advice and operational support. The team provides leadership development programs for leaders in L’Arche as well as spiritual and vocational programs for all members. Working in close colla...

Happy L'Arche Family Day 2013!

Wednesday October 16, 2013
A decision was taken at Cap Rouge in 1993 by the International Federation to celebrate the first Saturday each October as L'Arche Family Day: a day to pray for all the communities worldwide, to raise consciousness of the international aspect of L'Arche and to raise funds for L'Arche International or for Solidarity.

L'Arche Sydney is looking for a community leader

Friday July 26, 2013
Hello: I received this announcement from David Treanor the national leader of Australia. If you can think of anyone who would be appropriate and interested, please pass it on to them. Thank you, Hollee

Passing Away of Christine McGrievy's Father

Thursday July 12, 2012
Christine McGrievy has very recently lost her father. The funeral was held in England on July 3rd. We are bearing Christine and all her family in our thoughts and prayers in this time of grieving and hope. If you wish to send a message to Christine, please send them at international@larche.org and we will pass them on. L'Arche International

Looking Back on Atlanta 2012

Thursday July 5, 2012
Eileen Glass Atlanta! What a rich and wonderful week! What an experience of the beauty and diversity of the Federation! What a time of learning, of renewing friendships, of meeting new people! Times of prayer and celebration, and of growing in conviction about our Mission. How delightful to discover the south of t...
International Down Syndrome Day

We Remember - Episode 8 - #AsIAm Series

When someone dies, we take stock of their lives. There is usually a list of things of relatives, friends, things they left behind. But what happen when someone never have any of these, never went t...

Telling the Stories of L'Arche

Michael McDonald, director of the “As I Am" video series, shares his experience, with the participation of Raphael Amato, Jonathan Boulet-Groulx, Madeline Burghardt, Hollee Card, John Guido an...

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